Offstage with Ward Anderson

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Offstage with Ward Anderson

Year: 2017
Genre: Entertainment

Sit down with Ward Anderson and his well-known guests of comics as they discuss women in the industry, clean vs. dirty comics, LGBTQ representation, and diversity.


Season 3

Women in Media/Film

Ward meets with writer, director, and actress Kate Drummond; actress Carolina Bartzcek; writer, director, and documentary producer Hanna Donegan; actress, anchor, and producer Kat Curtis; as well as fashion/style expert, and television weather specialist Patricia Jaggernauth. Ward and his guests talk about how the role of women has grown in the media industry – but is it really growth, or is there more that can be done?

Diversity on Screen

Ward sits down with actor, director, and singer Thom Allison; actress Grace Lynn Kung; and TV host and producer Jackie Perez. The lack of diversity in media is very visible. Although there has been more diversity year over year, it is still not enough. What changes are being done to the industry to change this, and how does it affect the actors and viewers?

LGBTQ on Screen

Ward speaks with comedian, producer, and writer Maggie Cassella; award winning director of television and film Laurie Lynd; actor, singer and director Thom Allison; as well as filmmaker, director, and documentary producer Hanna Donegan. Why is it still difficult for on-screen actors and other media professionals to openly declare they are LGBTQ?

Ageism in Entertainment

Ward talks about ageism in the media industry with actor Chris Britton; comedian and executive producer Martha O’Neill; casting director and filmmaker Ron Leach; comedian, actress, writer, producer, and author Monica Parker. How are stereotypes of older individuals amplified in television and on the big screen? How does the pressure to remain youthful affect actors and other on-screen personalities?

Evolution of Media

The media industry has drastically changed in the past several years, but where is the entertainment industry going? How do you cut through the noise and stand out from everyone else? Ward discusses this with social medial expert and CEO Erica Fox; producer, director, and actress Jackie English; performer, director, and a jack of all trades Jahte Le; as well as professional wrestler and actor RJ Skinner.

Canadian Star System

Canadians actors are starting to get more recognized around the world. Ward discusses the Canadian development and recognition of actors with an actor that has been on several TV shows Rob Stewart; Canadian Screen Award nominated actress Jenny Pudavick; actor and host of The Bachelorette Canada, Noah Cappe; as well as actor and digital content creator L. Dean Ifill.

Season 1


Only 25% of comedians are women. Ward Anderson sits down with comedians Martha O’Neil, Aisha Alfa, Allison Dore, and Julia Hladkowicz to talk about if gender should still matter, what women have revolutionized comedy, why are some topics taboo for women but not men, and more.

Clean vs. Dirty

What kind of a comedian are you - are you clean or are you dirty? Ward Anderson sits down with two “clean” comics Matthew Disero and Hoodo Hersi, and a couple of “dirty” comics Nile Seguin and Darren Frost. Is there a secret hatred between the two types, what inspires each side, and is one easier than the other?


Finally we are seeing more openly gay comics, but do we still have a long way to go? Ward talks with comics from the LGBTQ community - Adrienne Fish is a staple in comedy shows; Trevor Boris is a Producer for Big Brother; Danny Adhim is touring his successful one man show; and Mandy Goodhandy is Canada’s first transgender comedian.


Are you seen as a comedian, or are you seen as an Asian comedian, a Muslim comedian, etc.? Ward discusses diversity with comics Keehsa Brownie, Leonard Chan, Ryan Maglunob, and Hoodo Hersi. What challenges have they faced, do they experience discrimination, are they type casted, do they find it harder to get gigs in certain cities?

Political Correctness

Is political correctness even real with the changing societal norms, or are people too sensitive? Ward discusses this with comedy legend Mike MacDonald, radio co-host Allison Dore, comedy festival great Greg Morton, and veteran comedian and broadcaster Dave Martin.


What’s the shelf life for older performers – is it different for men and women? Ward talks about ageism in the industry with Canadian radio legend Howard Glassman, Canadian comedy greats Glenn Foster and Mike MacDonald, and writer/producer/performer Kate Davis.

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