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Mixing With

Year: 2017
Genre: Food

There’s been a growing curiosity among people. One that has us wanting to appreciate the nuance and craft that’s poured into the products and experiences we spend our hard earned money on at our local bars.

Mixing With showcases the doers, the techniques and stories that elevate our appreciation of these unique artisan industries. Discover the perspectives behind the product.


Episode 1

Meet your local cocktail artists, and discover their one of a kind drinks. Sandy believes that if you have a passion for anything, you can make it into something. John enjoys playing matchmaker, and always tries to pair each individual with the perfect cocktail. Nick found his passion for bartending while on vacation, and hasn’t looked back.

Episode 2

As a bartender Michael loves travelling, and is always in search of the perfect drink no matter where he is in the world. As a woman in the industry Danielle focuses on the craft of drink making, and not on emphasizing sexuality. Robin believes that your excitement for making a drink should enhance your guest’s enjoyment, not turn them off.

Episode 3

In Parkdale, Alana takes you on an escape as a bartender in a tiki bar. At the Evergreen Brick Works Clint embraces his life as a bartender, and prides himself on tailor making his drink to each individual. In Bloor West Village Casey introduces you to one of his inventive originals and the poetic inspiration behind it.

Episode 4

As an introvert, bartending has helped Chantelle get out of her shell. Ever thrown a drink? It’s an approach to mixing a cocktail that you don’t often see, and is something that Scott has mastered. Veronica believes bartenders are responsible for giving each guest an in-depth unique experience – and does so with the often underrated vodka.

Episode 5

David is one of a few veterans in the industry, grateful to have a career that allows him to explore his creative side. Casey is always looking for ways to grow as a professional, and is serving you a drink originally thought to cure hangovers. Jan talks about an often misunderstood spirit, tequila, and why you will love it as much as he does.

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