Handcrafted Manitoba

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Handcrafted Manitoba

Year: 2017
Genre: Lifestyle

Handcrafted Manitoba showcases unique artists and craftspeople. Visually artistic, the show captures the spirit of each artist being showcased. Through the eyes of these amazing artists, we see the powerful transcendent undercurrent, with the positive life-changing activities these people live every day through their craft. 


Warren Carther

World renowned glass artist Warren Carther shares his earliest experiences with creativity and what inspires him to work with glass. With his works displayed in public spaces across the globe, we get to know the man behind the revolutionary work. 

Guy Anthony

Guy Anthony breaks the mold. He rides motorcycles, he drums - and he sews. A tailor turned upholsterer, specializing in creating custom motorcycle seats, he weaves us through the patterns that define the passions of his life. Guy manages to stand out, even in a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Robert Freynet

A graphic novelist and mural artist with his work sprinkled across Southern Manitoba, Robert Freynet brings the provinces history to life through his artistry - in both small and biblical scales.  


A poet, painter, mural artist and performer, Nereo Eugenio takes us on an intimate journey into his creative mind. Through conversations and his own poetry we touch on the magical transcendent power of art. 

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