French Girls

French Girls - Poster

French Girls

Year: 2017
Producer: Andrea Lavergne
Host: Laurence Trépanier

French Girls is TV series that highlights Montréal!  A way for us Montrealers to celebrate the milestone 375th anniversary and embrace the future. Not only does the show showcase Montreal's well-known entertainment and cultural scene, but it also strongly focuses on local lifestyles.  The unique North-American meets European flair is still what distinguishes the city from other Canadian destinations. 

Every episode is an opportunity to discover new venues and restaurants, cool neighbourhoods, local businesses/entrepreneurs, and of course, artistic events which all make Montreal and la belle province a cultural hub. The show also focuses on local personalities and entrepreneurs whose contribution is paramount and deserves continuous exposure.  


Episode 1

In this episode, Laurence, Andrea and Michaela attend Ruby Brown's bespoke perfume Atelier, they meet with Musée des Beaux Arts' philanthropist Michel de La Chenelière and discover traditional "British Pub" food and drinks at the Burgundy Lion!

Episode 2

In this episode, FrenchGirls start their day with the colorful Pop artist and muralist Antoine Tavaglione (TAVA) to discuss his artistic process. Architecture  and food are explored at the modern work space, Crew and Collective Cafe. The day wraps up with a work out with the designers behind yoga wear line Aurum Activewear.

Episode 3

FrenchGirls explore the musical side of Montreal with rapper Annakin Slayd. They have lunch and meet the family behind the Montreal institution Cafe Gentile. Finally, in the heart of the Plateau, Laurence interviews content creator and media specialist,Tamy Emma Pepin.

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