Climate Talks with Kids

Climate Talks with Kids - Poster

Climate Talks with Kids

Year: 2017
Genre: Entertainment

Young kids sit down with parents, teachers, a city councilor, and others to talk about climate change. How do kids and adults feel about this issue? What scares them? Should we be worried?


Episode 1

Kids ask adults the tough questions about climate change. Are we misinformed? Kai sits down with his mom Jasmine to find out what we do know about climate change. Sophia interviews City Counsellor Gord Perks, who has worked with several environmental organizations. Can kids convince adults to do better for the next generation?

Episode 2

Leo sits down with industrial photographer Edward Burtynsky to find out how he feels about climate change. Should we feel scared, guilty, or even angry? Xavier talks with his mom Vickie and learns how often she thinks about climate change, and discovers her son is fearful of it too. How can it potentially impact us in the future?

Episode 3

12 year old Lisha talks with Member of Parliament Julie Dzerowicz to find out how climate change is being fought at the government level. What scares them both so much about this topic? Aden talks to his teacher Ann to find out how she is educating her students about this issue.

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