Aboriginal in Appearance

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Aboriginal in Appearance

Year: 2017
Genre: Lifestyle

What does it mean when we say something or someone is First Nations? Aboriginal in Appearance will profile people, stories and events in an informative and intriguing way that pays tribute to the oral tradition of our elders. First peoples telling their stories about our how one culture is becoming a cherished part of many cultures. A series of 5-7 minute stories focused on celebrating Manitoba First Nations culture, sharing our common heritage, expanding understanding and blowing up stereotypes.


Rez Radio - "Shakin' Up the Rez"

Community radio with character, connecting people from Long Plain First Nation on 101.7FM

Wilfred Buck - "Found in The Stars"

A story of self-discovery and healing leads to the teaching of the Cree perspective and stories of the cosmos. 

Bigfoot - "Sabe"

Stories from Ojibway people, for whom the quest for myth and legend of Sabe is both physical and spiritual, full of mystery, intrigue and delight. 

Kent Monkman

Internationally renowned and critically acclaimed Cree artist explains his Manitoba roots and inspiration from Fisher River First Nation to Winnipeg. 

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In A Good Way Laughter as Medicine

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